10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

This next mistake will take some self control to avoid, however considering the nature of the industry it is achievable.

I have a few questions first:

– Would you hire a trainer based on how they look?
– Are you in good condition?
– Do you look the part?

It might sounds silly but would you hire a trainer who is out of shape?

Mistake Number 6: Not Looking The Part .

I have been to plenty of gyms throughout my career, I have seen some trainers who look absolutely phenomenal and command respect. Sadly on the other side of that coin I have seen trainers who look like they themselves need a trainer.

Looking the part might been seen by some a self indulgent and vain, but in realistic terms it will help you gain business because you look like you practice what you preach.

Lets face it, no one wants to be fitter than their trainer.

As a new trainer it is important to have a respectable look, you will attract clients who aspire to have a similar physique.

I am not going to tell you how to get in shape – You’re a trainer, you should know.

Take some pride in your image and you will benefit from it.


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