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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

I hope those of you who are reading have taken note of these basic mistakes, avoiding them can only sere to improve your business.

Todays mistake is not indicative of every trainer, but it is quite common.

Let me put a smile on that face of yours with this next mistake.

Mistake Number 5: Why So Serious?

Being a trainer in a commercial environment means you need to stand out amongst the crowd, but for many who try to do this they come across as serious and unapproachable. This stems from trying to be to focused, not only in their own training but when they train clients too.

While being focused is necessary, too much won’t do you any favours in picking up new clients, but all you need to do so that people will admire and be drawn to your drive/passion is smile.

The seemingly forgotten art of smiling has become more apparent in recent times.

If you’re standing on the gym floor a smile will make you welcoming and approachable, this will help you engage with more potential clients and spread a positive reputation for you. It is also worth keeping a smile on your face when YOU try to speak to someone, remember a friendly face is always welcome.

There is no magic skill, nimble technique to be learnt or book to read, all you have to do is SMILE and you will avoid this mistake.



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