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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

The last few days I’ve highlighted 3 mistakes I have commonly witness around business planning.

Once you have a plan of action the rest ‘should’ be easy right?

Sadly this next problem can render all of your panning and preparation ineffective, all it is is one word…


I hope you’re feeling comfortable, this is a long post.

Mistake Number 4: Not Enough Rapport.

As a young trainer I took some time to go to other gyms as a member in disguise and see how I was approached by other trainers.


Because I wanted to know the difference between a good P.T and bad one.

The best way to avoid being one of the average trainers and become one of the best is to see what makes them different.

In each gym I went to more often than not I was left alone, but for the trainers who approached me I found most to be slightly belittling (Overly harsh in their critiques.), they tried to sell me their services without really knowing much about what I wanted. They were brash arrogant and only seemed interested in my money, this left me feeling a bit miffed, but there were a couple of trainers though in each gym I visited that came and just spoke to me – This was the break through moment of realisation for me.

*In each different gym the trainers who just spoke to me were invariably the most successful of that gym.

So what was so different about them just speaking to me?

The trainers who came and had a conversation showed some form of interest in ME, thus making me feel comfortable with them. After some pleasantries were exchanged each different trainer asked if I would like some advice – This was a common theme among the good trainers. I found their advice useful, after which point they all left me to my workout.

*If you’re thinking chatting is well and good but they didn’t get any business, what makes them different fro the other trainers? You need to keep reading because there’s more.

I decided to go back to the specific gyms with the trainers who had created a basic rapport to see if they would speak to me again. Each trainer recognised me, remember my name, my goals and something about ME, this was very positive for them. This second meeting was different from the first because each had already established good rapport and each trainer this time went on not only to give more great advice but then follow up by offering the benefits of training with them – Essentially they then tried to sell me THEMSELVES rather than selling me a PT product.

I let them down gently by explaining I was a trainer, but regardless of that fact if I wasn’t a trainer myself I would most certainly have booked some training with each of them.

Can you tell me the key points from those small stories?

Don’t worry if you can’t because here they are:

– Each successful trainer took an interest in my individuality.
– I was made to feel comfortable.
– They didn’t try and sell on the first meeting.
– None of them put my form down, they only offered to give me more info to help me achieve MY goal.
– Every good trainer sold me THEMSELVES – People buy people, not products.

The main thing was they created RAPPORT.

Rapport is ease to build, you simple have to be genuinely interested in people to do it and as a result you will find you gain more clients.

There are various books on the skills on creating rapport that can explain if far better than I can, all you need do is go to a book store or throw a search in to the old google monster to learn more.

*I suggest you learn as much as you can about this.

I will say this once more: People buy people, not products.


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