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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

I have covered two common problems so far, both were based around your overall business plan and model, today’s is no different :).

If you are stuck on any of the following read on:

– Unsure of how to set up package deals
– Unsure of the right prices for packages

So how much do you charge for a single session or a block?

The answer is a simple one, here’s advice on how to establish your prices.

Mistake Number 3: Inconsistent Pricing.

Keeping your prices for single sessions & packages simple is key for success.

Knowing how much to charge as a new P.T is a tricky subject because of any rival P.T’s. Overprice and you could limit the amount of people able to afford your services, Undercharge and you risk people not valuing your skills and knowledge.

To establish what your price is for 1 session look at other trainers in your gym, it is also worth checking online for surrounding local gyms, mobile P.T’s and online trainers to gauge their prices.

Once you have done this it will allow you to check what the competition charges and why, this can be because of more experience or an entirely different niche. Take all of this in to account.

After taking some time to find all of this data out I would advise working out the average cost (the middle ground), using this price will make it affordable yet still valuable.

Once you have done this you should have a good idea of what to charge.

Here is an example:


The optimal price for a single session could be £35. This is now your minimum price per single session you will ideally want to achieve. From this number you can now establish you prices for all of your packages/services.

*Single sessions bring more instant cash but it is the block bookings that will keep you in business, always aim to have a client take a block. They must be appealing and offer a multitude of benefits.

Here is a basic list of what you could offer in each block session:

– Discounts for large block bookings – Block of 5 £150 = £30 per session – Block of 10 £250 = £25 per session.
– Free Program
– Nutrition Advice
– Before/After Stats
– Priority Booking
– Online Support (if applicable)
– Referral Discount/Offers
– Free Merchandise

Once you set these prices do not lower them just to get business.


I touched on this in the first post, but I didn’t explain how to establish what YOU should charge even though ultimately it is down to you, I would urge you not to undersell yourself.


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