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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

Yesterday we highlighted one of the most common mistakes made by trainers – Not having a business plan.

While not having a business plan is a not ideal, not having a niche is even worse.

Before you venture out into the wide world of Personal Training you need to know what your business actually is.

Ask yourself this question: What is my Niche?

If you can answer this then you have no need to read this post, but if you can’t please keep reading.

Mistake Number 2: Everything to Everyone.

Your Niche will set you apart from other potential trainers and is specific to you.

– Have you come from a sporting background?
– Maybe you spent many years training hard to improve your overall aesthetic look?
– Perhaps strongman is your sport?

Which ever background you have come from can form a great base for your Niche, not only will you have in-depth knowledge in the subject, but you will also have proof of your own personal results. That way you will be the person people think of when they are looking specifically to achieve a similar goal.

For example you could decide your niche is Body Composition – you specialise in getting people the look/body they want. Once you have established what you feel your niche is you can being putting together your business.

For Example lets use Body Composition as your niche.


Once you know what your business niche is, you now need the name of your business. There are two things you want to remember when deciding on your name:

1 – It must be easy to remember.
2 – It must convey what your business is about.

Ok, it is easy for me to say that you need an eye catching name that will cause people to think of you when they are talking, but deciding on the name itself however is never easy.

*Take your time, write down several possibilities and ask people which is more appealing. Preferably you will want to ask people who don’t know you.

For this example we shall use: Better Bodies.

After establishing what your niche & business name is I would advise you do these two things:

1- Write down a Mission Statement (keep it to a short simple line that catches people attention).
2- Write a small paragraph about what you do and what you can offer. This will help you convey what your business is about.

These will become very important for your marketing purposes, websites, social media etc.

Here are a couple of style ideas for your consideration:

Mission Statement:

Achieving the body you want through simple and effective Fat Loss methods.


Using Strength & Conditioning to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Both are short, concise and don’t leave much room for misunderstanding.

Ok so your mission statement is sorted. It’s time for a brief paragraph on what you do and how you do it. Again, if you can keep it short and to the point you will have more chance of attracting the right clients.

Below is an idea of the length and style of content needed.

Opening Paragraph:

– Are you looking to lose fat and get a lean physique?
– Don’t think you can do it on your own?

Better Bodies can help you achieve the body you want.

We offer a unique style of Strength & Conditioning based training that burns fat and gets your results fast!

Why not book a consultation to establish your goals and put any doubts you have at ease?

Call now to book your consultation.


These simple yet often overlooked things are what will hook people into the idea of your business, but once a person enquires it is down to you to sell not only your business but also yourself. This is because people buy people, not training.

Try not to make the mistake of being everything to everyone, because you will end up being of no use to anyone.


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