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10 Mistakes Personal Trainers Make

It is easy to unknowingly make mistakes that leave you wondering what you did wrong.

Do you:

– Struggle to find new clients?
– Never find the right words to secure new business?
– Become scared at the thought of talking to new people?
– Feel that you’re not good enough?
– Lack confidence?
– Fear rejection?

Ok the last one was a bit deep, but it’s all relevant.

Being a personal trainer for over 10 years there are very few mistakes I haven’t made, some were minor and others cost me dearly. There were times when I was really low, no I mean REALLY low. I almost gave up and even thought of getting a secondary job for supplementary income, but I chose to get my ass in gear, understand what I was doing wrong and learn what I was missing.

These next 10 articles I will highlight the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

As a result you will:

– Gain new clients.
– Earn more Money.
– Build confidence.

Most importantly, you will be much happier in your job.

Mistake Number 1: Planning to Fail.

It is not out of the question for a trainer to be told that they require a solid Business Plan, many agree it is a vital part of their business just like any other, but few ever actually sit down and write one and this is their first mistake and can can ultimately be their last too.

Failing to have a sensible, sustainable business plan can leave you wandering around like a lost sheep .

First things first. How much do you want to earn? Or rather how much do you NEED to earn to avoid financial trouble?

Here is an example.


For simplicities sake we are going to say you need £800 a month but would like to earn £1000 a month. While this is not unrealistic you still need a plan on how you’re going to achieve it.

Here is an example price list we can work from:

Single Session (PT, Nutrition, Program etc.) – £30
Block of 4 Sessions (1 p/w) – £110
Block of 8 Sessions (2 p/w) – £200

Using the prices we have you will need either 33 single sessions per month to cover your requirements, but that is hard work.

How many 4 block sessions will you need? 9 this seems a lot more achievable doesn’t it?

Lastly you will need 5 8 block sessions to hit your goal.

Once you know how you can achieve your financial target it is a simple case of finding the clients… Or is it?

Bearing in mind that on average (From my experience.) out of every 10 people you speak to 1 of the will be interested in some form of training, be that a single session or a block, once you find these people it is down to you to make them feel comfortable/inspired enough to uptake your services.

Using the large block we need only 5 people, this means you will need to speak to 50 people in total to have the potential to achieve this.

Time to get chatting. 🙂

A useful little tip is to know when your gym is busiest, that way you will be able to speak to more people in a shorter space of time.

Work Smart, not hard.

*It is worth nothing that sometimes you may even get 1 in 5 people, but this depends on your experience and ability to build RAPPORT. I will Speak about rapport in more details another time.


Now considering the example I have just given you you can see there is a lot of benefit in sitting down a planning out what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve. Admittedly there is a lot more that goes in to a business plan, but for now stick with the basics.

This will help you establish what you need to earn, how many people you need to speak to and how many sessions/blocks you will need to sell.

I know there will be some of you reading this who are thinking “What if I don’t sell a block?” or “What if the client doesn’t want more than one session?” I applaud you because you’re starting to think about the business aspect.

I will cover many more mistakes in the days to come, but for the moment focus on this one.

*Please feel free to message me personally if you have any questions about business plans.


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