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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

We now arrive at the last tip in my 10 part series for you.

To recap what we have covered here is a quick summary:

– Business Tip Number 1: More money, less time. Sharing the cost of sessions with other members.

– Business Tip Number 2: Red or Blue? Peak & Off Peak prices to fill your diary.

– Business Tip Number 3: Bootcamps. Personally my Golden Goose for making P.T affordable for all.

– Business Tip Number 4: The Price of Advice. Your time is precious, charge people for it.

– Business Tip Number 5: Free Knowledge. Write a blog, send a tweet, spread your knowledge for free.

– Business Tip Number 6: Limited Space Available. Create a sense of urgency.

– Business Tip Number 7: Down Time. All work and no play make passion go away.

– Business Tip Number 8: Contracts & Direct Debits. Secure and stead cash flow.

– Business Tip Number 9: Simply Does It. Don’t baffle people with long words, there’s no need.

I hope you have been able to get some new ideas from these posts, so now it’s time for my last tip:

Business Tip Number 10: Work Together.

The life of a trainer can be one of solitude, but that does not always make for the best business. Learning to work with other P.T’s that possess skills that you do not will only help improve your annual income.

When you work with another trainer you can:

– Combine ideas
– Create new business strategies
– Reach a wider audience of members
– Improve your overall business
– Learn new training skills
– Increase your knowledge in every aspect of business

Don’t be jealous of more experienced trainers and never belittle those with less experience. Working with a more experienced P.T will make you a better P.T, while working with a less experienced P.T will help reignite your passion.

If you use all of the tips I have given you I can honestly say that you will improve your business, remember this one sentence and you won’t go far wrong – Knowledge is power, but your powerless if you don’t use it.



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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

We are at the penultimate part of this 10 tip series.

I hope I have been able to teach something from my own personal experience, remember all it takes is just one little tweak and your business can go from average to extraordinary.

Today I will give you what it took me a decade to learn.

Use it well.

Business Tip Number 9: Simply Does It.

When I first started out as a trainer I wanted to teach people as much as I could. Each time I had a potential client speak to me and ask a question I would give them all the technical reasons, scientific justifications and more to answer their question, but soon I learnt that this only confused my potential clients leaving them without answer to the question they asked.

I became frustrated because many potential clients didn’t seem to understand the answers I gave them, what seemed simple to me left them staring in to space, but it was then I realised that they don’t need the technical answers, all the need was for me to tell I could help them achieve their goal.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The ability to simplify your knowledge is a skill that takes time to master.

The majority of the general population does not have a degree in sports science, nor do they have a basic level 2 in fitness instructing. The simpler you can keep things the more clients you will gain.

Here are my best answers to two common questions:

Q – How can I lose weight?
A – Through good nutrition, lifting weights 2-3 times per week and cardio training 1-2 times per week.

Q – What should I eat to lose weight?
A – Mostly whole foods such as meats, veg, fruits and the occasionally treat. Think 80% good, 20% bad.

Essentially you want to keep your use of language as simple as possible. Use words your potential clients will understand, this will help them learn, incase their basic knowledge and make them feel more comfortable.

The questions are often complex but the answers are always simple.


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