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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

All of these tips so far have been aimed at saving you time, increasing your hourly value, gaining more clients and improving your brand awareness.

This tip will further help to make you a sought after trainer.

Business Tip Number 6: Limited Space Available.

Creating a sense of urgency is a long forgotten aspect of personal training, many personal trainers will make themselves too available and by doing this they look like they’re not busy, this will potentially devalue what people think of your services.

When you offer something that is in limited supply people will desire it more. As far as basic human psychology goes, it is always worth remembering “we always want what we can’t have” and as a result if we think we might miss out we will want it even more.

There are several ways you can create a sense of urgency, but don’t be fooled in to thinking you just need to say you’re fully booked, remember that people need to see you being busy to believe it. If you successfully use the tips we have covered so far this will be easily achievable for you.

Here are the best ways I have found to convey that your services are not to be missed out on:

– Limiting Members in Bootcamps. Openly writing you have 3 places left etc.
– Posting your available PT times in peak hours.
– A waiting list for future bootcamp/PT bookings.
– Limit the time you run offers, if people miss them even by only a day it’s tuff, they missed it.
– Have a trial period for PT clients, almost like a probation for your clients to make sure they are willing to give 100%.

My last piece of advice for this must only be used if needed, it can be very powerful but it can also work against you…

– Be prepared to say NO to those who don’t give you 100%.

In my experience I have found this last tip has motivated people and given them the kick up the ass they needed, but be warned, this can make you seem arrogant and create unneeded tension if you use the wrong tone of voice or body language.


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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

I gave you a tip pertaining to charging for your consultations instead of them being free, thus increasing your perceived value to potential clients.

How do you feel about a little contradiction?

It is common practice in the fitness world for people to almost contradict themselves with every other sentence they utter, but that isn’t the issue and what I would like to add is even after I reveal this tip to you it’s how you use it that will make all the difference.

Business Tip Number 5: Free Knowledge.

Wait… Didn’t I say yesterday that you should charge for your time and advice?

Yes I did, but charging for your time/skills and offering your best knowledge for free are two different things.

Time is valuable and needs to be paid for, it is also true that knowledge is equally as valuable but considering how much high quality free information there is available on the internet, through social media and in books that can be borrowed, giving away less than your best just won’t cut it these days, but you don’t need to give away all of your secrets for free ;), just some of them.

How will you go about giving away your best knowledge for free? That is a simple case of learning what it takes to be a good writer.

Simply start writing.

Once you do you must keep on doing it, you will get better each time you write and as a result attract more people who will potentially pay you for something more in depth and specific to them.

Here are some must have sites to dispense your pearls of wisdom on:

– WordPress
– Facebook (A business page.)
– Twitter
– You Tube (If you’re not camera shy.)
– News Letters (Specifically for clients or people who sign up to it.)

These are great tools for increasing your brand awareness, along with showing people you know your stuff and you’re worth what you charge.

What kind of knowledge should you be imparting to the masses?

Anything that you yourself would value knowing is essential, you can also do a Q/A to find out what people want and go from there.

The biggest secret to making this work though is very hard to achieve, you will only attain this by practice.

What is it?

Keep it simple (Your writing that is.). Trainers and people of a similar ilk will love the technical jargon, but most people are not that way inclined, by keeping it simple you will appeal to more people.


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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

This tip is unconventional. Seriously, it breaks the norm, along with potentially scaring off clients and trainers alike, but it is a powerful tool to have.

If you thrive on going against the grain and breaking the norm then read on.

Business Tip Number 4: The Price of Advice.

The price of advice is steep… Free.

This is what you are told from your very first days in the business, they will say the magical free session or free consultation will help you acquire new clients because you’re able to showcase your skills, but sadly it more often than not leads to people wasting your time.

Time is precious, more importantly though, your time is precious and you must charge people for it.

Charging a consultation fee might seem like madness, but in fact it is actually genius… They often coincide.

When you charge potential clients for your time you are establishing your value as a trainer. I have found that people will be more likely to buy sessions if they have to pay for a consultation, simply because they are already happy with handing over their hard earned cash to you for your knowledge.

*It also shows they are happy with the potential of having you as a trainer.

You can also have a reduced rate introductory P.T session instead of a consultation.

The real benefit of this tip is that it will separate those willing to actually pay for sessions from those who just want something for nothing.

Here are my suggestions for what you should include in your consultation:

– Body Stat Analysis
– Nutritional Review
– Training Review
– Your Success Portfolio
– Client Goal Setting
– How You Can Help Them
– Your Rates/Current Offers

The final piece of the puzzle in this consultation check list is this:

– Ask when they can start and get them booked in!


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