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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

Today I will give you the third tip to help improve your business, what can you expect to learn today?

– How to offer an exceptional deal.
– Save time.
– Increase your hourly rate.

Business Tip Number 3: Bootcamps.

Offering a bootcamp is similar to small group training, but there is a big difference, it comes in the ability to train a large amount of people (Potentially up to 12 or more.). This means your hourly worth will increase.

Lets say you offer a bootcamp 3 nights per week at 7pm each night, the bootcamp has 12 people attending and each pay £100, that will make you a profit of £1200 for only 12 hours work.

This means your hourly worth is £100 per hour.

As you can see from that small example a bootcamp is an invaluable tool to increasing your business.

A question you might be asking is what should your bootcamp consist of?

In my experience, offering all of your best knowledge, skills and resources is the best way to fill a bootcamp.

Here is my advice for you:

– A reasonable price £100-150 per head.
– Confine it to a 4-6 week period.
– Limited spaces. 12 is an ideal number for one instructor.
– A minimum of 12 sessions, with a maximum of 16.
– Initial and final body composition analysis.
– Tailored nutritional plans for each individual.
– A PDF copy of the bootcamp for each member upon completion.

I would also suggest offering merchandise for free too. T-shirts, vests and hoodies are always appreciated by clients. You could also offer a celebratory meal after the bootcamp, but this isn’t necessary although it is a nice personal touch.

Remember it is worth putting in a high degree of effort for each bootcamp, the rewards will be worth it.


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