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10 Tips for Aspiring Personal Trainers

Before you read on, answer these questions:

– Are you a new trainer or experienced trainer looking for new ways to get more clients?

– Would you like to earn more per hour for less work?

– Are you willing to try new things?

– Do you want to know the secrets it took me 10 years to learn for free?

If you have answered yes to all of those the please keep reading. If you didn’t please email me because I want to know your secrets :).

I will be writing 10 Posts containing a different tip each day to help any and all trainers who are willing to listen.

Business Tip Number 1: More money, less time.

The new year heralds new gym members. These people are likely to be unfit, unconfident and potentially frightened about working out. This is where you can help them not only achieve their goals and improve their self confidence, but also gain their loyalty.

Lets just say you know of 4 new gym members who joined/started at the same time, but they can’t even afford one P.T session per week individually because it is too expensive for them… What can you do?

Drop your rates?
Move on and try someone else?

Or perhaps…

Offer them the opportunity to train together at a reduced rate.

This is known as group training.

What are the benefits?

– Lower Cost to clients.
– Affordably sustainable.
– Helps them feel comfortable with fellow gym members.
– Time efficient.
– Great publicity.

For example:

Your hourly rate might be £40. Charging each person only £10 each for one session per week will help you offer affordable training to them and gain more clients. Also giving them the comfort of people in the same physical situation as them.

I would suggest asking for an upfront payment of £40 from each person for 1 session per week for 4 weeks.

While that’s only £160, you’re only doing 4 hours work for it.

This will give you the opportunity to gain more clients in a similar way, eventually leading to more booking sessions with you at a reduced rate to them, but not to yourself.

Group Training is time efficient. It will help you build a portfolio of clients who achieve great results through your training, thus leading to more clients in the future.

More tips to follow.


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