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We must learn to squat before we can have fun.

We are in the second day of the new year and the gyms are still quiet.

If you are new to the gym there is one move you will need to start learning immediately!

The Squat.

Squatting helps recruit multiple muscle groups, along with the added benefit of giving you a killer ass and legs to die for. Sadly not enough people squat, even less squat correctly, here are some quick tips to help you improve your squat.

– Feet hip to shoulder width apart.
– Lift your big toe.
– Take a deep breath in to your diaphragm.
– Push your hips back and sit in to the movement.
– Your hips must finish lower than your knee line.
– Drive up by pushing your hips forwards and pinching your bum.
– Repeat.

An excellent drill for learning the correct movement pattern is to stand facing a wall with your feel about 1-3 inches away from it. This will force you to sit back while maintaing good posture and tension throughout the movement.

While as simple as this seems many adults have lost the necessary movement patters/motor control to perform a decent squat. Don’t be discouraged if you are one of those who don’t get it straight away, practice and have patience.

The Squat is one of the big 3 – Deadlift and Bench Press being the other two – Take your time and learn it well, the squat is the secret to success.


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