Ladies who lift.

Ladies, this is for you so read well.

I had another young lady this morning use the ominous line “If I lift weight I will get big. I don’t want to get big.”. I had to refrain from giving her a gentle shake and saying “If it was that easy, everyone would be huge!”, instead I offered her a detailed explanation that help relieve her concern.

Adding lean muscle is not an easy thing to do. In fact, per month you will be lucky to add between 0.25-1lb of lean muscle (Unless you are a complete beginner, or you’re enhanced.), ok, that depends… Just keep reading I shall explain.

If my memory serves me correctly I remember reading somewhere that a beginner (Less than a year hitting the iron.) can add 1-1.5% of their total body eight per month in muscle. An intermediate lifter (18months -3years being a gym rat.) can gain about 0.5-1% of total bodyweight per month in lean muscle. Now for those considered an advanced lifter (5years+ living in the gym and forgoing social events, anniversaries and work meetings.) can add a mere 0.25-0.5% of total bodyweight in lean mass per month.

When I mentioned training above I mean in the sense that you are hitting the weights hard, with correct form and pushing as hard as possible, not just ‘Working out’, along with having excellent nutritional habits, hitting your required macro nutrients and being devoted to the cause.

Now I seriously doubt many will have achieved all of these things, why? Because I myself don’t hit them all of the time and it’s my job to lead by example.

Lifting weights will not make you big ladies. It will however get rid of unsightly fat, give you the desired ‘Pert Bottom’ you’re looking for and banish your belly, if you get the majority of what I spoke about earlier right (Nutrition, training, consistency.).

Lifting weights is the secret to achieving your goals, so get in to that weights area.



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