One sided?

Are you a one sided?

Bilateral training is where you use both limbs to support the weight and perform the exercise, barbell bench press or seated leg press for example. This form of training is common practice in many gyms.

This type of training yields excellent results in the form of strength and size but can also lead to a large strength deficit between your dominant and weak sides, over time this can result in injury.

Is there any way you can prevent this? Yes is the answer, and it is called unilateral training.

Unilateral training involves using individual weights in each limb such as dumbbells, cables etc. This form of training is great for evening out muscular and strength imbalances between your dominant and non dominant sides.

There is a place for both styles of training, when combined they will provide excellent gains in strength, size, balance and coordination, I would recommend having both in your training program.


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