Plateau Buster

I have a little tip for everyone that will not only help increase size, strength and lean muscle mass, it will also give you a reason to rest for at least 5min!

Heavy Eccentric Training with a Drop Set and a Plyometric Exercise.
This is an excellent way of recruiting the all the high threshold fibres in your muscles that tend to be neglected.

I suggest using 110%-120% of your 1 rep max for this, then lower the weight as slowly as possible 10seconds+ is good, you will need a spotter or two to help you get the weight back up.

Once the weight is back in the rack, strip the weight down to 80% 1RM and do as many reps as possible. The eccentric portion of the lift will be 4-6 seconds and the concentric will be as explosive as possible.

Your last part of this set will then be a plyometric movement, aim for 3-5 full power reps. Focus on pure acceleration on the concentric part of the movement, and trying to generate as much force as possible. (If possible start from the bottom position of the movement you’re doing.)

The above can be hard to picture so here is an example:

Bench Press (bar) – 1rep – @120% – Eccentric focus.
Bench Press (bar) – 5-8rep minimum – @80% – Eccentric 4-6sec, concentric 2sec.
Clapping Press Up – 3-5rep – Concentric focus on maximal force production, starting from the bottom position, or even a deficit. (Getting as high as possible off the floor.)

3-5 total sets are all that is needed.

This will help you bust plateaus.


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