Sample Training Program

As a passionate gym goer I know how frustrating it can be to have no guidance. Today I have decided to write a basic 3 day program for all new gym goers looking to build some decent lean muscle and strength.

Here are the basic requirements to follow:
– The tempo for all exercises if 4-1-2 (Eccentric, Pause, Concentric).
– Rest is 60-90 seconds unless otherwise stated.
– Aim to be finished in under 1 hour.
– No Phones!!

Day 1 – Shoulders/Back/Arms – Monday

Warm Up – 15,12,10,8 of Dumbbell Press/Lat Pull Down – No rest

A1 – Barbell Press 5×8
A2 – Single Arm Row 5×8
B1 – Y-Press 8-12 reps
B2 – Lateral Raise 12-15 reps
B3 – Reverse Fly 15-20 reps
4 Rounds & 3min rest after each set.
C1 – Skull Crusher 4×12
C2 – Overhead Tricep Extension 4×12

Day 2 – Quads/Hamstrings/Calf/Abs – Wednesday

Warm Up 5,4,3,2,1 Back Squat

A1 – Back Squat 6×8
2min Rest after each set
B1 – Deadlift x 5,5,5,3,3,3,2,2,2
2min Rest after each set
C1 – Calf Raise 300 reps
No rest. DO as many rounds as it takes.
D1 – Hanging Leg Raise 8×5
D2 – Gym Ball Crunch 8×12-15

Day 3 – Chest/Back/Arms

Warm Up 50/50 Dips/Chins (Assisted if necessary)

A1 – Flat Barbell Bench 12,10,8,6,4,2
A2 – Seated Row x12 each set
B1 – Incline Dumbbell press 4×12
B2 – Barbell Row 4×8
C1 – Cable Fly 3×12
C2 – Cable Reverse Fly 3×15
D1 – EZ bar Curl 4×12
D2 – Dumbbell Curl x Fail

This basic program will help you ale some solid progress in the gym. I would suggest following it for 4-6 weeks, then take a rest week and begin a new program after your rest.


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