Does height make a difference?

Today’s post will be short and simple, like Tom Cruse.

I apologise for that shameless jibe at Mr Cruse, I actually happen to like his acting, but the fact that he is merely half the size of the average woman brings me perfectly to my topic of discussion.

Do smaller people have an advantage when it comes to lifting weights?

In short… Yes. Their angles and proportions are better suited for lifting , and as a result the movements seem to come easier when compared to their lankier counterparts.

If you were to watch a person over 6foot squat it might not be the prettiest sight to behold, but watching a person who is closer to 5foot or shorter will seem almost magical.

I often see people trying to copy the movements performed by others, yet they fail to take into account the difference in height and body structure. This is why some exercises just don’t work for some people.

It is worth seeing how you measure up on the scale. This will allow you to select the best exercises that suit you. For example: A tall lifter with long femurs will benefit from using a Sumo style Deadlift as it will not place as much stress on the lower back, where as a person with shorter femurs will prosper from using a Conventional style because it will allow them to drive their hips through faster.


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