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Bulking Food for Thought

When bulking to add muscle do you consider the following:

– Increasing Calories
– What foods you must eat
– What extra foods you can eat

Increasing your calories from lets say 2500 to 3000 might not seem like much, but it is. Adding an extra 500 calories per day can be quite hard for many people, when we take into account time to eat, the type of foods we eat, the result we’re aiming for and how we might struggle to achieve our current calories, adding 500 can seem a mighty challenge.

Yesterday I spoke about the nutritional density of foods, and how they can differ defending what types of foods you eat, Man Made of Whole.

I prefer people to have the majority of their diet as whole foods -80% minimum- Because this will allow them to have those cravings without a massive amount of guilt and maintain a healthy mindset.

Trying to add 500 calories or more in some cases, through whole foods alone is a challenge because as I explained yesterday, your Leptin will kick in and tell you that you cant eat anymore, now this is where the eternal contradiction becomes prevalent.

Eating man made foods is bad for health, yet they are an excellent source of carbohydrates and extra calories which is required for muscle growth.

I shall start with saying this, I’m not saying to go and eat lots of crap foods, I am saying you can add certain man made foods to your diet to help you achieve your desired results. Adding a fat free yoghurt is a great way to get in extra calories which are provided from the protein/carb content of the yoghurt for example.

Here is a list of man made foods that I would consider adding to your diet if you’re looking to bulk, this is because they are dense in terms of calories and this will help you achieve your goal.

Oats mixed with whey protein
Flavoured Milk
Fat Free Natural Yoghurt
Cottage Cheese
Nut Butter/Spreads and rice cakes
Soaked Grains (This helps combat the gluten effect.)

It’s also worth remembering that you can make protein flap jacks and other such calorie dense foods at home, there are endless recipes on the internet.



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