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Food Density

I trust all had a good weekend, and you all filled your bellies with good food.

I was having a chat with a young lady in Costa this morning about helping her achieve her goal of fat loss, while I explained about the density of foods I could see her eyes glaze over, this got me thinking that not everyone knows about this topic so I thought it would be a good subject to diverge in too.

Not all foods are created qual, lets say you have a doughnut that is 350 calories, this is very dense in terms of calories, this density is provided not only carbohydrates but fat too. With its high density of calories from sugar/fat it is the sort of food that you can eat by the crate load because it has very little effect on you Leptin (satiety hormone) and heavily stimulates your Insulin (storage/regulation hormone) because of the high sugar content. Because of this you can easily consume up to 1000 calories from eating only 3! I’m sure there are many of you who have done this in one sitting.

Now lets take a chicken breast, small sweet potato with feta cheese and some salad; altogether when these are combined they can hit perhaps 500 calories tops (based on an average portion size), this meal again has fat and carbohydrates along with the added benefit of protein. These foods are also dense but not in calories, they are dense in their nutritional value and content, unlike the doughnut these sorts of foods are very hard to overeat, your body can regulate the hormone Leptin more efficiently because of the added protein and fibre, meaning you will not over eat.

So with this new information can you begin to understand the difference between the two type of density?

Here are the two ways to remember what the different types of density are:

Highly processed foods are calorie dense and often high in refunded sugar and damaged fats.
Whole foods are highly nutrient dense because they are not man made for your pleasure.

It is worth keeping these points in mind when you’re making food choices.

Tomorrow I will continue this subject and explain how some calorie dense foods can help you, if your goals it to bulk and add muscle that is.


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