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Carbs before bed, Madness or Miricale?

Todays subject is somewhat controversial. I am sure many of you have heard that eating carbs before bed is not a good idea because they will slowly kill you by getting stored as fat, this is not entirely true.

Eating a meal filled with some high quality carbs/protein will actually help you be leaner in the long run, they will help you achieve a deeper sleep which helps with your muscular repair/growth. It will also help increase your energy levels for the next day, allowing you to have a hearty breakfast filled with protein and fat because you wont have a craving for sugar in the morning.

Carbs increase the production of Serotonin (The happy hormone.) which in turn gets converted to Melatonin (The sleep/body regulation hormone.). When your body has adequate levels of melatonin it will aid repair because of the overall affect it also has on lowering cortisol (The stress hormone.), this helps other hormones such as testosterone, Growth Hormone, IGF-1, Leptin, Ghrelin, basically all of your important hormones for maintaining optimal homeostasis.

Try and avoid highly processed sugars before bed, here is a few example of some of the best choices:

– Milk
– A High quality protein shake mixed with Blended Oats
– Greek Yoghurt

Personally I would strive for a Carb to Protein ratio of 3g-1g or 2g-1g, this is what I have found helps promote the best sleep along with the best affect on muscle repair/growth.


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