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Haters, Forget Them.

I have decided to change my topic today. I was going to talk about the link between fitness, the fountain of youth and ever lasting life, but instead I am going to talk about a common problem we all have: Haters.

People will hate because it’s in their nature, we are jealous creatures and want what other have. What we have is never enough, we always want more, even if we don’t need it.

There are those who work hard often has their results or achievements belittled or dismissed by the few who are jealous, greedy and envious because they haven’t done the same. These people are often the very same people we call our friends, it’s a sad sad world we live in when those who are meant to have our backs are the ones holding the knifes ready to strike when we look away.

I have known people to achieve great things, then only to stop because of the immense amount of hate they received for being successful. I have some words for those of you who receive hate for what you have achieved:

“Be proud of the fat you’ve lost, be proud of the time you’ve spent working hard, be proud that you’re now feeling better about yourself and remember this; people will hate, you can’t stop them, you can however ignore them because in the long run it doesn’t matter what they or anyone else thinks, it only matters that you’re happy in yourself.”



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