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Getting Lean to Get Big

I trust all had a good weekend, I know I did, despite being pulled over twice on the same night and each time being only 20min apart.

I digress.

Over the weekend many will have gone out and have a few drinks (equalling their body weight four fold). I am awaiting the list of new goals such as – ‘Burn off some fat starting now.’, ‘Build some muscle.’ and ‘Cut back on drinking.’ all are admiral goals, Today I am going to talk about why achieving the first goal make the second goal more achievable.

Getting lean is the secret to building some decent muscle, I know that might sound backwards but keep reading.

Excess fat – especially visceral – can lead to increased levels of what is called Aromatase.
Aromatase is responsible for the conversion of free testosterone/androgens to oestrogen, by getting as lean as you possibly can you will increase the amount of free testosterone available for use in building some good quality lean tissues. In short you want to get lean first before you get big.
Ok, now we know that we need to get lean to increase levels of testosterone there are some other factors to consider to help increase your testosterone even further.

Drinking excessive amounts will also lead to increased oestrogen levels and once again inhibit your progress to building lean muscle, cutting back on alcohol will be a good idea, however if you do feel the need for a cheeky one I would advise sticking with clear spirits.
You can also help increase your testosterone levels by eating certain foods and taking certain supplements.

Here are some of the main supplements that will help:
– Zinc
– Magnesium
– Vitamin A,D,E & K2
– Vitamin B complex
– Vitamin C
– Boron
– Copper
– Calcium
– Potassium
– Selenium

I won’t list all the foods here because I would be here forever, you will be able to find a comprehensive lift by searching the good old ‘Google Monster’.
Remember to build muscle it is best to get lean first and then add as many good whole foods as you can to your diet that contain testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals.


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