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Change is Good.

Progress is the key to growth. Do you come in and do the same program day after day after day?

Are you still progressing on your current training program?

If the answer is yes then keep going, why fix what isn’t broken. But, if your answer was no then it might be time to make some tweaks or even change your entire program.

With all the options for tweaking your program it can become confusing, I am going to give you various suggestions on what you can change to help your program once again give you steady progress without actually changing your program. If that makes sense.

Here are ways you can tweak your current program, you won’t need to change the exercises at all.

– Increasing Training Volume: More overall sets
– Increasing Training Intensity: Increasing the total amount time your muscles spend under tension, or shortening the amount of rest you take between sets.
– Increasing Frequency: This is as simple as working out the same muscle group one every 3 days instead of every 4, and so on.
– Changing the order of the Exercises: As it sounds, place isolation first and compound last for example.
– Changing the Days you Workout on: Again fairly self explanatory.

And Finally – Getting a new program written for you.

Those are some simple ways of helping you progress without changing your current workout.

Don’t fear change, change is good.


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