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Simple Nutrition

Nutrition these days has become a Black Hole of facts, fiction and some occasional Voodoo.

Over the years fat has been demonised, sugar has been demonised, even kittens lead to excessive fat gain accord to some studies. Ok, seriously I feel people are taking things to a level of depths that not only baffle many but also depress them.


Because no matter what people try to do, somewhere, in some place, someone says they are wrong and because they are wrong it makes them stupid. When did it all become so hard? When serious money could be made would be the correct answer.

From what I have learnt over the years there has been a staple rule that I have followed. Admittedly, I have tried some differing approaches, some worked for some but not for others, yet, amongst all of the trial and error there was one simple method linked with common sense that seemed to always prevail.

Here is a secret that hide in plain sight.

Protein + Carbs (High Carb) = Muscle Gain.
Protein + Fat (Low Carb) = Maintenance.
Protein + Vegies (Low Carb) = Fat loss.

The simple maths of nutrition.

Now I can agree with various points of logic from, Paleo, IIFYM, Atkins, Ancestral Eating and many more because they are all good. The point of which my tolerance reached it’s limit was when I heard a young girl no older than 13 working out her Macro’s… Now things are getting ridiculous.

We all have to remember that we’re not pro athletes, we don’t need to be that specific.

How do you track your progress then? Before and after photos.
How do you know what to eat? Listen to your body, it will tell you.
How do you know if something will work? You try it.
How do you know how long to do it for? It’s a small lifestyle change, live with it.

Find what works for you, a keep this in mind: Just because you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, it’s ok. It doesn’t make you wrong, and it doesn’t make you the devil; it makes you different and I think different is pretty awesome.

Be different, and be proud to be different.


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