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The Missing Link

What is the most important part of your training?

Is it your program?
Is it your time spent in the gym?
Is it your attention to detail in the amount you record?
Or maybe it’s the weight you lift.

If any of those are you answer, while you are not wrong, you are almost destined to fail you endeavour. Why?

Let me explain.

The most important part of training I feel is an aspect that is overlooked by almost everyone, and that my friends, is Mind Set.

Mind Set is the difference between achieving your goal and giving up.

When people give up it is often reenforced with a plethora of excuses when really it was because they didn’t have enough resolve to continue what they started. The didn’t want it enough.

Often times I hear excuses for people not being able to achieve their goals, the reasons why it didn’t work and the outside influences that stopped their progress. Just because you might have failed to hit your goal it doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a person is only means as the time you didn’t want it enough.

To those who give up I have these two questions:

Instead of saying why it didn’t work, why not say what is required from you to make it work?

What change in your behaviour can you make so that you will achieve your goal next time?

Flipping your mind set around is not the easiest thing in the world to do, I understand this. That said, the Issue is not making large changes in life that is hard, it is making the small changes that matter the most that is difficult.

Lets say you missed a new Squat P.B. Instead of saying why you didn’t get it try to say HOW you can change what you did to get it next time, for example: Getting tight under the bar, Staying tight once unracked, taking a deep breath before descending, pulling down into the bottom of the squat and driving up hard being ready to stick and keep pushing until you’re past that point.

Training your mind is not hard. It can be done through reading books, simple mental exercises, games such as Chess (a personal favourite of mine).

Remember this: If you fail it does not mean you are a failure. All it means is that you missed something this time around, next time say how you will achieve what you missed, and what behaviour is required for you to achieve your goal.

You work hard. You deserve what you want; if you want it enough.

I know you have the potential to do it, the question is, do you trust me enough to believe in yourself?


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