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How Do You Train?

I was reading a fair amount over the weekend regarding training, volume, intensity and frequency. Several of the books I read made reference to the optimal routine for building muscle would be as follows:

– Train each body part every 5days
– 4 days on 1 day off principle
– Ideally train twice per day
– Split into legs (quad dominant) Day 1
– Chest/back Day 2
– Legs (hamstring dominant) Day 3
– Shoulders/back Day 4
– High threshold in the AM, high intensity in the PM
– Post workout shake of a 4-1 Carb/Protein ratio

I understand not everyone can train twice per day, keeping that in mind I would still recommend using 4 on 1 off. The constantly varying days will help not only your gains, it will also stave off boredom.

If you can only train once per day I would advise a work out structured like this:

~1 Heavy compound movement -25 warm up reps -25 working reps (sets can be to your desire. 8×3 or 5×5 etc)

~1 Superset of semi compound movements -8 reps per exercise -6 sets

~1 Triset or Isolation movements -total around 50 reps per triset -3-5sets

This will provide enormous stimulus throughout many of your muscle fibres.


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