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Not so Lucky Number 7

How motivated are you on a scale of 1-10 to achieve your goals?

About a 7? If that is your answer then we have a problem.

The number seven might be known as lucky or a divine number linked to god and all creation, but in reality though it shows a distinct lack of commitment because it sounds good. Seven is far enough over the half way mark and just far enough away from the top to make people think you’re motivated.

You also use this number when marking how satisfactory you found something or giving feedback. So many people don’t want ‘Hassle’ and this is the easiest option to take. Why not be honest with yourself?

I noticed this over the years of working with people and observing their behaviour, many clients or general gym members who said the number seven often never achieve anything. Have you ever used the number seven to describe how motivated you were?

If you feel less than motivated say something, that way you can overcome your problems. Perhaps you found a service less than stellar? Say something about it, you may even get a free voucher or compensation… Or they will pee in your soup, either way it’s worth the risk.

6 and below are good numbers, why? Because there is room for ample motivation (all some people need is a small push in the right direction) all you simply need to do is find what inspires you. 8 and above shows a sound resolve and determination to achieve so you will simply need correct guidance.

So keep in mind the number 7 is something to be wary of.


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