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Train your Muscles not Momentum.

Everyday I see sights that leave scars that will never be healed. Everywhere I look I see bad form, and despite my efforts to help all I get in return is a look of -F**k off- this saddens me.

Various people walk in to a gym and train these two things: Their Ego (lift as much as possible) & Momentum (bad form allowing you to lift as much weight as possible).

It seems focused concentration on a specific muscle area has been forgotten, when did this happen?

Train for your goal – If looking good is your goal you must ignore the weight you’re lifting and focus on the muscle contraction and the pump. The use of any of the following will allow you to achieve a great pump and stimulate multiple muscle fibres for maximal growth and aesthetic symmetry.

-Drop sets: Finish your last sets rep and then drop the weight and continue until you fail again, repeat until suitably dead.

-Super sets: Same muscle group with 2 exercises. 8 reps Inline bench and 12 reps dumbbell fly, 5 sets for example.

-Tri sets: Same muscle group with 3 exercises. 6 Heavy skull crushers, 12 Overhead ez-bar extensions and 25 rope pull downs is tasty. 3 Total sets.

-Giant sets: Same muscle group with 4 or more exercises. 4 Deadlifts, 8 barbell rows, 12 cable reverse fly’s and 20 face pulls will leave your back screaming. 2-5 total sets.

-Mechanical drop sets: You simply change the angle you’re working at to allow more reps, you start with the hardest mechanical disadvantage and rep out until failure, then move to a slightly easier variation and so on.
A personal favourite of mine is pull ups – Start wide grip, followed by shoulder width supinated grip and finish with a neutral close grip. I find this good as a finisher but you can do 3-5 sets.

Maybe you’re training for strength, if so, control your tempo on the eccentric and explode up on the concentric and really stimulate that CNS. Try one of the suggestions below for an explosion in strength.

*Please use a 4 second eccentric, 1 seconds pause, 1 seconds explosion tempo unless otherwise stated. Often written as 4-1-1.

-Extended sets: A heavy partial range of motion (ROM) rep to a lighter full ROM rep. 4-6reps Heavy bench from pins (Top half) then 4-6 reps full rom dropping 10-20% weight (this depends on your current strength levels). 4 Sets is a great shout.

-Eccentric sets: Take a weight a 110% of your 1 rep max (1RM) lower the weight taking a minimum of 10 seconds, this exercise requires a spotter so be sure to pick a Bro who looks strong… or a trainer. 3-5 reps are sufficient for this exercise done over 3-8 sets.

-Pre-Activation sets: (these can have varying names) load up your bar ready to squat with 150% of 1RM, simple unrack the bar and stand with it for 60 seconds *have spotters. Put the weight back and take 60 seconds rest and then strip it to your 5RM and go for 6-8reps, once done rest 3-5min; you will only need 3 sets of this because it has a high demand on your central nervous system (CNS).

That is only my humble opinion, some will agree others will not. It honestly doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t because I think we can all agree too many people train Ego & Momentum and never get any results.


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